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NU Vice Provost's comments on Forbes.com - "Can International Higher Education Survive Covid-19?"

Forbes.com, a website of the US business magazine, released an article highlighting current situation of global International Higher Education featuring comments from NU Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor Loretta O'Donnell. NU Vice Provost in her turn, paid attention to the opportunity to reconsider and recalibrate assessment of students' works with more flexibility and innovative approaches, working on safe and creative solutions to pursue research mission of the university.
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NU graduate, a Robotics and Mechatronics expert, explains sports robot

The Guardian Nigeria released an article with Baurzhan Ospan, NU graduate and current CEO of Qmobot, an e-learning company for students and adults in the spheres of IT, Internet of Things and robotics. Bauyrzhan, who studied Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at NU, believes that the robots are becoming increasingly tied to human lives and it is only a matter of time before sport robotics become popular around the world. His company Qmobot had partnered Nazarbayev University to create a country-level ‘SumoBot’ tournament.

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NU ISSAI researcher talks about COVID-19 Simulator on the Irish Tech News Podcast

Irish Tech News Podcast released an episode with Aknur Karabay, a researcher at NU ISSAI on COVID-19 stochastic simulator. Simulators are now an important tool in the fight against COVID-19 and The Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan have developed a very accurate simulator. They have decided to release the source code online so that anyone can use it and there is a talk with Aknur Karabay who is one of their researchers. Aknur explains how the simulator was created, the four simulation scenarios they ran when testing it, why they released its source code online and where you can find it.
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Interview with NU GSE Assistant Professor: "Support educators with online teaching during COVID-19"

Global Education Times portal published the article with Dr. Anna CohenMiller featuring Higher Ed Learning Collective on "Support educators with online teaching during COVID-19". Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and short transfer to the online education she was actively involved in Higher Ed Learning Collective to help bringing educators together to confront a worldwide crisis affecting education. This Collective has brought together educators from across the US and Kazakhstan, including Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, University of Southern California, University of South Florida, the State University of New York and others.

NU graduate Kamila Rollan: Inclusive education throughout Central Asia and the world

A blog post of Kamila Rollan, NU Graduate School of Education graduate, was published at WeAreTheCity portal. She shares her thoughts and experience related to the Inclusive Education development in Kazakhstan comparing to the world practice. According to Кamila, inclusive education has been actively developing throughout the last decade in our country. Enrollment of students with special needs to mainstream school is increasing, and the conditions for inclusion keep developing. One day, the next generation will benefit from this reform, but many young people today remain in the darkness of an ableist stigmatized society.

NU researchers develop App that records your cough to study coronavirus and other diseases

BusinessBecause portal featured in their News Section on Covid-19 the Cough Analyzer App from Nazarbayev University Researchers.

Dr Martin Lukac is working with researchers at the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences to build a Cough Analyzer.

The analyzer will act as a diagnostic tool to pick up on diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and now COVID-19.

Big data could be key to tracking Covid-19 and easing lockdown, ISSAI Epidemic Simulator suggests

The stochastic epidemic simulator developed by NU ISSAI has been featured in publications on Pharmiweb- a global news site in the pharmaceutical industry, and on EPM Magazine, European news site in the innovative and technologically advanced sector.
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Inspirational Woman: Kamila Rollan | Founder, Education For All

WeAreTheCity, the leading website for professional women, published an interview with Kamila Rollan, alumna of Nazarbayev University.
At only 22 years old, she founded ‘Education For All’, a non-profit organization aimed at supporting inclusive education development in Kazakhstan. They support children with and without learning disabilities to learn together, promoting social and education opportunities.

Live Updates: Coronavirus Impact On Business Schools

What is the impact of coronavirus on business schools?
BusinessBecause portal brings the latest live updates from several world wide business schools including Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. Jenifer L Lewis, director of degree programs at NU GSB, and our MBA student Olga Sunyaikina, share their stories.


Tech for good: How Artificial Intelligence is solving some of the world's biggest problems

Article about Nazarbayev University professor Dr. Prashant Jamwal "ReLive" research on AI was published at "IDG connect" technology portal. "ReLive" is a startup leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics to help stroke patients recover faster. AI-driven software provides rehabilitation devices covering areas of the body such as legs, ankles and upper limbs.

Horse milk is better for us than cow’s milk, research reveals

Horse (mare’s) milk research from Nazarbayev University's professors reveals in the Daily Mail (358mln ppl circulation) and The Times (4mln ppl circulation), The Travel Magazine, Food & Drink Technology, The Times Ireland printed publications! According to this research, horse milk is beneficial in treating inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis, blood pressure, and even certain types of cancer. Link for the articles are below.

Inside block caving: the deep mining method of the future?

An article by Professor Fidelis Sourineni from Nazarbayev University was published in the Mine Magazine and Mining technology platform. Prof. Sourineni explains the use and potential of the block caving method, a mining system which involves undermining an ore body and then allowing it to collapse under its own weight, a process that opens access to deeper deposits. Block caving has emerged as a cost-effective method of mining large, low-grade mineral deposits.

5 мобильных приложений, разработанных в Назарбаев Университете, которые могут заинтересовать инвесторов

Список интересных и перспективных 5-ти мобильных приложений, разработанных в Назарбаев Университете был опубликован на Forbes Kazakhstan. Все эти идеи могут помочь казахстанцам жить удобнее уже сейчас либо совсем скоро.

Forbes Kazakhstan сайтында Назарбаев Университетінде жасалған қызықты және перспективті 5 мобильді қолданбалар тізімі жарияланды. Осы идеялардың барлығы қазақстандықтарға қазір немесе жақын арада ыңғайлы өмір сүруге көмектеседі.

International perspective: an American student in Kazakhstan

A blog post of Anthony Heykoop, the American student of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, was published at the Times Higher Education platform. Anthony shares his experience why he had decided to study MBA in Kazakhstan and how he was pleased to find a university that matched his requirements in the capital city of Nur-Sultan. Link for the article is below.

Nazarbayev university event calendar 2020

Мы собрали список интересных мероприятий НУ на 2020 год, которые вы не захотите пропустить. Скачивайте и делитесь с друзьями.

Біз сіздер өткізіп алғыңыз келмейтін НУ-нің қызықты іс-шараларының тізімін жинадық. Осы сілтеме арқылы жүктеп, достарыңызбен бөлісіңіз.

We put together the calendar of interesting events you should not miss in 2020. Please download and share it with your friends.

Inspirational Woman: Aizhan Alzhanova | Co-Founder, Mama Pro

WeAreTheCity, a leading website for professional women, published the interview with the graduate of Nazarbayev University.

Aizhan Alzhanova is a co-founder of "Mama Pro", a center in Kazakhstan which supports the professional growth of women who are stay-at-home mothers, have had employment difficulties due to special needs of their children, or women who are victims of domestic violence. The full article is by the link below.

Mehdi Bagheri on the Irish Tech News Podcast

Irish Tech News podcast released episode with Mehdi Bagheri, Associate professor of Nazarbayev University about the wireless road concept that will allow drivers to charge their car while driving.

Mehdi explains what they have achieved so far with their wireless road concept, when it will become a reality, and how it will work when its a reality and not a lab concept.

Video Contest / Бейнероликтер Байқауы / Видеоконкурс

Nazarbayev University develops new hydrogel for wound care

MED-TECH INNOVATION NEWS (UK) spoke to Malika Shertay, who has been part of the Nazarbayev University project developing a new wound healing hydrogel. A research team from National Laboratory Astana at Nazarbayev University is developing a wound healing hydrogel to improve the recovery of patients with skin burns and injuries.

Photo Contest / Фото Байқауы / Фотоконкурс

9 Trends That Will Shape Business Education In 2020, According To Deans

"How will business education change in 2020? 

What trends will take the industry by storm?

Dr. Patrick Duparcq, Dean of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business and other top business school deans from Stanford and Oxford universities share their predictions for the year ahead in ""BusinessBecause"" (web source for MBA queries, UK)."


Nazarbayev University – a vector for modernization

Kazinform International News Agency shares the article of Shigeo Katsu, President of Nazarbayev University, in which he looks back at the past of Nazarbayev University and what the future holds for NU as it approaches its 10th Birthday.


January 24th 2020

15 years ago the Mars exploration Rover landed on Mars. 15 years from now NASA plans to send people to Mars. In the meantime, we at NU, are contributing with research to be part of that journey. Find out more here: https://youtu.be/qNAoowxUmXU

15 жыл бұрын Марсты зерттеу Rover Марсқа қонды. 15 жылдан кейін NASA адамдарды Марсқа жіберуді жоспарлап отыр. Осы уақытта біз НУ-да осы сапардың бөлігі болу үшін зерттеу жұмыстарына үлес қосып жатырмыз. толығырақ мына жерден білуге болады: https://youtu.be/qNAoowxUmXU

15 лет назад исследовательский марсоход приземлился на Марсе. Через 15 лет НАСА планирует отправить людей на Марс В то же время, мы в NU вносим свой вклад в исследования, чтобы стать частью этого путешествия Узнайте больше здесь: https://youtu.be/qNAoowxUmXU

Kazakhstani University helping to revive ancient Silk Road route

10.10.2019, India Education Diary
Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Daniel Pugh talks about expert anthropologists and archaeologists from Nazarbayev University who investigate the New Silk Road

Thermal ablation therapy for cancer using nanomaterials

07.10.2019, Middle East Medical Portal
Researchers from Nazarbayev University are studying the use of nanomaterials as a form of cancer treatment that could be used to complement traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Researchers Zhannat Ashikbayeva and Prof. Daniele Tosi, alongside Prof. Inglezakis, focused on the application of nanomaterials in thermal ablation therapy. Thermal ablation is a technique used in cancer therapy to eliminate cancerous cells or tissue by applying external electromagnetic waves to locally increase the temperature.

The world is changing: how savvy universities are playing catch-up

The Telegraph
President Katsu reflects on the future of higher education in his interview to The Telegraph, UK’s major national newspaper: “It will become increasingly common for a degree to be issued by more than one university”. Read the full article to find out what the world’s leading universities think of a new era of degree apprenticeships, university alliances, lifelong and stackable degree programs at www.telegraph.co.uk.

AI and Robotics now being used to speed stroke rehabilitation 

Specialised software and robotic exoskeletons are being used by researchers from Nazarbayev University to accelerate the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

“Airbnb for parking spaces”!

A great international coverage about NU alumni Askhat Sharipov, who is now a successful entrepreneur. Askhat came up with an idea to help manage traffic congestion and developed an app that allows users to earn money by renting out their empty parking spaces. NU is proud of its alums!
Read more about how Nazarbayev University and the Astana Innovations Challenge have contributed to the TuraQshare project.
#NUGoesGlobal #DiscoverCentralAsia

Stories of NU fresh students from all over the world 

We are so excited to have our fresh students from all over the world! Wish you all a fruitful year, new friends and unforgettable memories of Nazarbayev University life!